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Motivational and Inspirational Quotes...part 3

Motivational and Inspirational Quotes...part 3


कुछ और प्रेरणादायक कथन ,दुनिया की उन महान हस्तियों के ,जिनके नाम तो मुझे नहीं पता ,लेकिन पूरे आभार सहित ये quotes आप सबकी नजर हैं --

  • Start every day with an inspiring thought.

  • Our aspirations are our possibilities.

  • We can't direct the wind but we can adjust the sail.

  • The secret of happiness is to admire without desiring.

  • Winners never quit  & quitters never win.

  • Don't find fault......find remedy.

  • Live your life as an exclamation ..... not an explanation.

  • One man with courage makes a majority.

  • Courage is grace under pressure.

  • Thinking is the capital......enterprise is the way....hard work is the solution.

  • The road to excellence rarely has traffic.

  • The impossible is often the untried.

  • Excellence is rarely found,more rarely valued.

  • In life , as in a football game, the principle to follow is :hit the line hard,

  • Truth, like surgery,  may hurt,  but it cures.

  • Be a good listener... your ears will never get you in trouble.

  • Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.

  • We cannot really love anybody with whom we never laugh.

  • We can only learn to love by loving.

  • The supreme happiness in life is the conviction that we are loved.

  • The more we give of anything, the more we shall get back.

  • People with goals succeed because they know where they are going..

  • You will never find time for anything. If you want the time, you must make it .

  • You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try.

  • Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where  there is no path  and leave a trail.

  • It is never too late to be what you might have been.....

  • You must do the thing you think you cannot do...

  • Man is free at the moment he wishes to be .

  • Do what you can with ,what you have , where you are.

  • Out of clutter,find simplicity.  from discord ,find harmony. in the middle of difficulty find opportunity...

  • Vision : the art of seeing things invisible.

  • The meaning of things lies not in the things themselves, but in our attitude towards them.

  • The future depends on what we do in the present...

  • Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.

  • Every thing you need for a happy life is within yourself.

  • Trust your hopes... not your fears.

  • We will either find a way....or make one.


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